Dreaming of

SATURDAY 25 JANUARY, When I saw these shoes, particulary on Camille Over The Rainbow few months ago, I really liked them, especially with boyfriend jeans. They remind me of Nike Af1 but in a different way, and the blue or green touch add something. The SS14 collection of Adidas Stan Smith is so great I'm sure you're going to love it ! Well my crush is on the Comordium one, which are available today in Paris at No42


SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY, How sexy, edgy, and irreverent is the Chanel boy bag ? I mean I love the classic Chanel Handbag, but this one mades my heart drop ! I was dreaming of it and my mum did it, I almost cry, for a bag yes it's crazy isn't it ? Well I combined it with a long speckled grey skirt and my Vagabond boots. You know when you see someone in a shop trying a clothe and then you find it so beautiful you ask her " Where did you find it ? " So I did, and don't regret it. 

Lot of love, Claire

What's up : The Hundreds

SUNDAY, 12 JANUARY, Let's face it, so many street brands have grown up these 10 last years and sometimes you can get lost surrounded by so many new brands. I just found an amazing one ! The Hundreds. It both sells clothes and write a mag, which is to me really original and creative. They are inspired by skateboard, surf, hip-hop and punk. And the mix between all of these styles is good trust me. Their shops are located in LA, N-Y, San Francisco and Santa Monica but also in 400 accounts everywhere on the planet. The photographs they did are so beautiful , especially from the Summer 2014 collection. Look at their website here.


SATURDAY, 11 JANUARY, I found some inspo (on Tumblr again) first with these two girls and their magnificient wavy hair, how much I'd love to have the same aha. Then with the blue mascara, I heard a lot about it but never really saw someone wearing it, and what a shame it's so stylish. Otherwise all white Air Max and heather grey jogging are so cool matched together. And more inspiration....

Lot of love, C.


SUNDAY,5TH JANUARY... 2014 ! I must admit I didn't post since two weeks or more I don't even know. But sometimes take a big BIG break is essential and truly relaxing. I don't even work so much for school. Instead i read books, watched movies ( like the Yves Saint Laurent one which is so beautiful I almost cried ! ), spent time at coffees and I also worked a few days in a clothing shop.But the thing that makes me the happiest is that Sales start soon and I'm ready for Zara etc !

Well, about my outfit I wear my new Vagabond boots wich look imposing but that's the detail I love about it. The Stella McCartney one are incredible (but also too much expensive) and finally I ordered similar one. I just feel like I can walk during hours in this pair and it will never hurt or tarnish. I did a contrast with the rest of my look with pastel pieces and the black of my bag and my boots.

I wish you the best to come in 2014 and thanks for keep reading my blog, love C.