SUNDAY,5TH JANUARY... 2014 ! I must admit I didn't post since two weeks or more I don't even know. But sometimes take a big BIG break is essential and truly relaxing. I don't even work so much for school. Instead i read books, watched movies ( like the Yves Saint Laurent one which is so beautiful I almost cried ! ), spent time at coffees and I also worked a few days in a clothing shop.But the thing that makes me the happiest is that Sales start soon and I'm ready for Zara etc !

Well, about my outfit I wear my new Vagabond boots wich look imposing but that's the detail I love about it. The Stella McCartney one are incredible (but also too much expensive) and finally I ordered similar one. I just feel like I can walk during hours in this pair and it will never hurt or tarnish. I did a contrast with the rest of my look with pastel pieces and the black of my bag and my boots.

I wish you the best to come in 2014 and thanks for keep reading my blog, love C.

Pull : Zara
Jacket : Zara
Jeans : H&M
Boots : Vagabond
Watch : Nixon

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