Outfit fourty-three

SUNDAY, 17TH MARCH, I'm wearing a Red Nose Day tee by Stella McCartney bought in London by my dad. It's a limited edition with celebrities like Marylin Monroe, Kate Moss, or like you can see on mine Tommy Cooper. 5£ are donated to charity for children. So it's a good deal. Lot of love.

Outfit fourty-two

SATURDAY,6TH MARCH, I'm on a period where my style is definitely basic with some boy stuff like sweater, Nike, etc. These Nike Air Force 1 are famous in Paris I saw it on so many  girls and I absolutely wanted a pair. For the chain my friends ask " Is it gold ? Is it not too heavy ? " And my answer is no ahah but I wear it almost all the time.
Lot of love c 

Sweat : Zara - Pants : Zara - Chain : H&M - Baskets : Nike 

Ootded n4

Hi, the weather is so bad here that I prefered to show you guys an outfit that I made with the items that I absolutely want. Phantom mirror sunglasses worn by so many fashiolista are really nice and cool. Then for the wild I love Kenzo sweaters (I wanted more a baroque sweat but I couldn't find one) and the Givenchy clutch of course and sorry but these two pieces are out of stock .... A leather skirt is not so complicated to wear finally it fits with almost everything. And for the heels by YSL I wanted them since last year and I think I'm going to buy similar at Zara. Lot of love C

Skirt : Chicwish  - Heels : YSL  - Sweat : Kenzo - Clutch : Givenchy - Sunglasses : Wildfox