Outfit nineteen

Hi , i bought this shirt at Pull and Bear in Spain, i know i know american flag it's very cliché now but i had a crush on this top. Dulceida really inspires me for this look ( i love this girl just check her blog). I have a big problem with studs as you can see on my shoes and my bag. By the way i passed the 50 followers and even if it's not so much i'm really happy and i want to thank you for visiting my blog !

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Top : Pull and Bear
Short : Davy's (old pants of my mum)
Shoes : Zara
Bag : H&M

Outfit eighteen

Hi, white white white, i love white. This outfit is more simple than ever but i spend i guess 1 hour to choosing my outfit ! (so long for just that ?) I was not in the mood to wear black, studs or flowers. I try a new makeup, gold and brown, but i'm sad that the brown is not reflected. Have a good day. Love

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Top : American Vintage
Short : H&M
Belt : Topshop
Shoes : Minelli
Bag : Zara


Hi, what basics I really want for the autumn ? I ootded for you ! ( i outfit of the day-ded ) First, I really don't liked military print when I was a child but now, seing this green print all other the jackets the pants etc I have to admit i like it ! But i choosed a simple kaki vest with black leather arms on Topshop, just similar as the one in Zara. Second, i searched the perfect leather short for a looong time but American Apparel has got the best and in many amazing colors. (can i have them all please ?) Third, these boots, i found them at Zara but my size was out of stock... I never really saw a nice pair a boots, simple and feminin, but them are perfect. (and with studs again). Then i think the knit is gonna be my BFF for seasons to come, because when it's cold outside i'd like to wear a comfy and warm pullover than a huge coat. 

What about you ? What's your basics for the autumn ?

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Vest : Topshop - Knit : L'Agence - Short : American Apparel - Boots : Zara - Bracelet : Chloé - Necklace : Asos

Outfit seventeen

 Hi, here are some pictures of my holidays again. I don't know how many magazines i bought but they faster bored me. (and i do this every summer... ) . The weather was between cold and hot so i jumped into my new short ( studs follow me ) and my comfy sweat. During the day i prefer keep it simple without big necklaces or heels, just a cool outfit.

Voilà encore quelques photos de mes vacances. Je ne sais pas combien de magazines j'ai achetés mais ils m'ennuient vite. ( et je fais ça à chaque fois...) Le temps était capricieux donc je me suis jetée dans mon nouveau short ( les clous me poursuivent ! ) et mon pull. Dans la journée je préfère faire simple sans gros colliers ou talons, juste une tenue cool.

Love, C.

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Pull : Mango
Short : Pull and Bear

Sandro Sneakers

These are one of the most perfect shoes i ever had. I'm in my " studs " period so i had a crush on them. I already have one pair of sneakers but these are totally in leather and without any heels. I hope that the trend will last more than a year because i really like the cool side of the sneakers.
What about you ? Have you got a pair ?

Outfit sixteen

Hi, holidays are finally ended and believe me i didn't see the time passing. It's gonna be hard going back to work. I bought this neon top and this " jacket " at Zara in Spain. I didn't know if neon will fit good on me but this colour is pretty easy to wear. The white jacket was at 40$ which is very expensive i think for a clothe that i'm not going to wear very often, but in sale only 12$ ! Yes, seeing the price i immeditaly took it. You can see my white espadrilles, i will try to keep them as clean as possible. My sprayer saved my life during all the summer. I was so hot ! Without the sea side it became stifling. 

Thank's for your comments i really appreciate them.     Love, C.

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Top : Zara
Jacket : Zara
Short : H&m
Shoes : Bershka
Bag : H&M

Biarritz !

Hi, dear followers, my week at Ondres was amazing. I never saw the ocean except o npictures and it's so different in real life. The waves are just so powerful i spend my time into the sea. The houses have a very special architecture and dense vegetation. I fell in love with Biarritz wich is a very luxuous town but also very pretty. I wanted to spend more time there but i can't and truly i missed you ! Hope you have great holidays.


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Top : Zara
Short : H&m
Bag : H&m