SUNDAY 2ND FEBRUARY, Crop tops are the trends of the season. I used to wear mine with normal legging or pants but a high-waisted pants matched with a crop top is so much better. I found these one at American Apparel and it's called " Disco pants " because if you really look at the material it's like glitters. Finally a legging with pockets thanks God  haha... What's written on my top is just so nice and true I ike tees with messages. The Nike Roshe run are also the best because of the design (there are so many models) and the comfort. Well, for the beanie a touch of pink during winter is recommended !

Lot of love c

Beanie : AmericanApparel
Top : Zara
Pants : American Apparel
Shoes : Nike roshe run


SATURDAY 1FEBRUARY, Just went on the Zara website to check some clothes but the new Spirng Summer 14 is available ! I just have no words for the beauty, the cuts and the purity of their clothes. Zara did better than ever. I love their new prints like palm trees or tasks. The cut-out boots in light colors are so nice, and the crop top are amazing. Well, I just invite you to check their new collection because some pieces are gonna rule !