SUNDAY 15TH DECEMBER, I used to wear not so warm coats because I feel like a wrap or an eskimo in it, but fur coats are definitely the best ! They are so soft and classy , and give a little touch of sexy don't they ? Even if some people look weirdly at it like " it is her grandma coat ? " it makes me smile rather than makes me ashamed. I paired it with my new Nike (yes quite the same as the other but i prefred the low one finally...) Hope you're preparing Christmas and gifts with your family and your friends. 

PS : Don't forget the chance to win a cardigan from Rosewholesale giveaway in my previous post

Lot of love, Claire

Coat : Zara
Pull : Zara
Legging : Monoprix
Shoes : Nike af1 


SATURDAY,14 TH DECEMBER, I'm happily announcing you guys a new kind of post and I'm soo excited about it ! My first giveaway ever. Cherry from the Try-Program team contacted me to cooperate with their beautiful website http://www.rosewholesale.com/ . There are so many sweaters, dresses, and so on , I invite you to check ! I'm going to make a big order I saw so many great pieces !
So you can win a reduction of 10$, on this cardigan ( which only costs 13$) ! 


1. Visit www.rosewholesale.com and tell me your favorite products’ links in your comment
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1. Visitez le site www.rhosewholesale.com et mettez le lien de votre produit préféré en commentaire
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