SUNDAY 24TH NOVEMBER, I've been searching for THE boyfriend jeans for so long that when I finally saw it at H&M I had to buy it ! You can't imagine how different a look can be with this piece, it adds cool and chic side at the same time, in a light blue colored and destroyed jeans. I also found this black top which is really flat. I've seen it on the catwalks and most of times you could see lace bra or sometimes not even bra and I don't think it makes you dirty contrary it's a so delicate detail !


SUNDAY, 17TH NOVEMBER, I simply matched a flawless black pants with black heels and black top ,not so original but an all black outfit is always the best, isn't it ? I loved the zippers on the top and the leather lines on the pants. Moreover I used gel to fix my hair and wore a strong mat red lipstick from Guerlain. 


FRIDAY, 8TH NOVEMBER, after enjoyed a non-stopped shopping day with a friend, we went to the top floor of Galeries Lafayette where the Sushi Shop is. Sadly it was closed for teenagers because on Friday from 4pm to 8pm it's the " after-work party " . But we took pictures with a beautiful view of Toulouse in background. 

Like I said grey is my color of winter and for walking I don't need to say that I was wearing my Nike Air Max... But, to make the outfit more chic I matched it with my new bleu tartan scarf from Zara ! How perfect is the tartan trend just by touch ?

Lot of love


WEDNESDAY, 6TH NOVEMBER, palm trees have always been a flaw to me because I really love this print in any clothes or caps or bags. I matched it with a melon (or salmon as you prefer) Reiko pants which is about the cut and the matter. Just did this outfit to say byebye summer !

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MONDAY, 4th NOVEMBER, I always have been crazy about fur coat. You know sometimes it makes people laugh about it but I truly don't understand why. It's one of the most chic and elegant coat/jacket that a women can wear. Moreover there are so many different furs and colours ! I may admit that it keeps you warm too even if it's fake fur. And you guys what about fur coats ? 

Lot of love


FRIDAY, 1st NOVEMBER, all I can say is that here winter is not really in the mood. Pale pink is the perfect pop of colour. I paired this peplum skirt with a holes top just to keep the soft spirit of my whole outfit. As a beginner I was like " inside ? outside ? " definitely inside with this kind of skirt ! If you want more inspiration many girls wore them during previous fashion weeks. So I hope you'll get inspired as well as me. 

Lot of love