Outfit thirty-one

Hi, this sweater came from New Yorker and It looks like the Zara one. It's very warm inside and I know I have to stop with spikes but I can't help it. I love to mix my sweat or knit with this little jacket that I bought this summer. Coats are beutiful but I feel fat in it. I bought THE H&M necklace which was sold out all the summer and this touch of neon is perfect with all my tops. I'm sorry I don't post very often but I can't find time to do it and about the pictures my computer show them more lighter than they are on my Nikon so...


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Sweat : New Yorker
Vest : Zara
Pants : Zara
Shoes : Sandro
Necklace : H&M 

Hair tips

Hi, I'm so sorry I didn't post since one week ! But my TWO computers had a problem. (Yes what a malediction) And I restarted school too so I'm busy with homework and test and sport,... So today I tried a new thing with my hair. I read that hair spray makes hair very dry so I used after-shampoo because it doesn't damage my hair. But after 10 mins that dry and wet effect disappears... So if you know another product or tips tell me ! 
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Love, C.

Outfit thirty

Hi, this outfit is another time cosy and simple. That's a miracle that I woke up today because even in holidays I'm so tired. I love burgundy so much thats my colour  at the moment. I want a burgundy bag, burgundy NewBalance, ... About the knit I can't buy the Kenzo one (maybe one day ahah) so i chose the Zara. Oh tigers why are you so beautiful ? The similar leather pants is from Zara too. I just wear " leggings " now, jeans bored me. Christmas is sooner there and I can't wait.
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Knit : Zara
Pants : Zara
Sneakers  : Sandro
Vest : NewLook

Outfit twenty-nine

Hi, pastel clothes were the best of summer 2012 but why not winter 2012 too ? That's why I mixed pale pink and blue. This new Carhartt beanie is warm and small so I take it everytime with me in my bag. Sometimes people look at me like " why is she wearing a beanie we are not even in winter yet. " yes I know but fashion is fashion and I don't really care about weather...
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Beanie : Carhartt 
Shirt : The Kooples
Knit : Zara
Jeans : Zara

What's up #4

Hi, today it's an unusual post ! Not about clothes but about beauty and especially hair care. I woke up this morning and my tips were so dry... Ombre hair is not always good for hair. I use industry cares but sometimes they made my hair like " plastic " . So I tried this avocado recipe. (with milk and oil ). And it wooorks so good ! Well it's not very easy to apply but I recommend it to you.