SS14 Catwalks

MONDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER, who has enough strength after a school-gym-homework-cooking day to do a post ? For once me ahah ! I watched some SS14 catwalks and wanted to share with you guys the looks I prefered. I didn't have time to check the new masterpieces yet but I will do it soon (otherwise press will do it better than me !) The creators amazed all of uswith unsual cuts and powerful colors. 

Outfit fifty seven

SUNDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER, (old pics) after an exhausting day ( as you can see on my face...) i just wanna wear the comfier clothes that can exist ! Hope you like the different grey mix. Lot of love

Outfit fifty-six

WEDNESDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, I don't know if you became as lazy as I did this summer but I haven't touched a hairdryer sicne 2 months. My hair are very fine and smooth so it's hard to get a big messy bun you know... About those shorts I like it not only for its cut but also for its color. I took a Mojito at the restaurant again and it's definitely  the drink of my summer ! Lot of love 

Outfit fifty five

SUNDAY, 8th SEPTEMBER, you probably saw this zara top and skirt on many girls outfits before but anyway I hope it's the first time you see this combination. I try to wear this iconic piece more often but actually... a white skirt... well you can't sit nowhere ! Thanks for reading, Lot of love