Ootded n*3

Hi, i haven't really  outfit of the dayded because these clothes doesn't fit together so much. Whatever the colors are the same ( i swear i did not even express ) , pure brown, yellow, and plum. I had a big crush on these 3 items : ikat Sandro sweater , Tie and dye Acne dress , and gold heels boots Maje

Lots of love to you. C

Outfit twenty-seven

Hi, aujourd'hui je vais faire un post en Français car j'ai oui j'ai le temps (ou pas... ma nouvelle ne va pas s'écrire toute seule). Je passais à Comptoir, je vois de jolis manteaux, des pantalons canons, un chapeau bordeaux me tape à l'oeil. Mais Nicole la gérante et Marine mes deux vendeuses préférées (elles m'ont agréablement accueillie durant mon stage) me propose d'essayer un pull au top de la tendance et un peu dans le genre " vielles années " . Cela tombe bien en ce moment des pulls je ne demande que ça. J'hésite mais je l'enfile et je l'ai déjà adopté. La laine ne gratte pas, les manches trois quarts sont jolies et Nicole et Marine m'ont encore une fois satisfaite. Car je pense que comme moi vous n'aimez pas acheter un vêtement alors que vous hésitez. Or à Comptoir ça ne m'est pas encore arrivé, voilà pourquoi je reviens.

Je continue mon look cosy en mélangeant une jupe et  mes sneakers Albatorock de Sandro. Si vous avez le même problème que moi de vent dans votre ville soit le chouchou est votre ami soit le bonnet est décidément notre sauveur. J'espère que vous avez passé un bon week end et merci pour vos commentaires. Love C.


Outfit twenty-six

Hi, cold is here and I'm glad my sweaters out of my closet. Stars is like a flashback i nchildhood you know. I particulary love the blue knits so this one was very good. The vest is so chic and warm you really feel like you are in your bed in it, but i admit that i don't wear it at school because i think i'm too young for this.Yes it's the same pants as the last post but don't worry i didn't worne it since five days ahah. My boots are from Zara but from the last collection so don"t try to find them sorry...

I'm really motivated by your comments and visits, love. C


Top : New Look
Pants : Bershka
Boots : Zara
Outwear : Comptoir des Cotonniers.

Outfit twenty-five

Hi, today I'm wearing this beautiful top from Zara. I'm impressed more and more by the cuts, materials and details of Zara. I don't know if the drawing is a tiger or not but I like it ahah. The nude back is lovely too. I took photographs of my profile yes ! (even if I hate it ) 
Thanks for your visits.

Top : Zara
Pants : Bershka
Shoes : Minelli

New in !

Saturday I went to the perfect town, Toulouse, and I totally became crazy in Zara... I have to calm myself but their pieces are so classy and unusual i want to buy them all ! But iImostly bought sweater and jeans. I don't really need heels or anything else because I walk a lot in highschool and baskets are more appropriate. 
I totally fell in love with this beautiful Kookaï coat. It fits so nicely and the fur is so pretty I  can't resist. (i'm sad that's its a real racoon fur... )

I will show you new outfits soon ! Love you guys !

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Outfit twenty-four

Hi, today I go back to basics ! A sailor by Comptoir des Cotonniers, a slim and for a touch of autumn I combined my brown mantle with my loafers. (yes I know I didn't take any pic with them ahah, but you know them). That's the only reason why I miss the cold. Oh and by the way I did my ombre again but more blonde ! And I like it more than the other. Hope you like it, thank for your lovely comments darlings ! 

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Shirt : Comptoir des Cotonniers
Mantel : Only
Jean : School Rag
Loafers : Monoprix