TUESDAY, 29TH OCTOBER, first I want to say that I am pretty a hair downded girl, but this little down chignon is so adorable that I will definitely do it more often. This oversized sweat is from COTR x Pimkie and I fell in love with the cut and the grey wich is my color of winter. So i had a shirt under it just to make a more chic outfit.

Outfit sixty-one

 SUNDAY 20TH OCTOBER, coats coats and coats, we are all talking about it right now. Oversized, pastel colored, wood-coats, fur coats, long, with sneakers, with heels. Well mine on this outfit is from the collab COTR x Pimkie and it has a cut that I particulary adored when I saw it, By the way it's warm and fits with everything. I hope you found your coat (or yourS) for this winter babes ! Lot of love 

Sixty outfit

WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER, Some old pics of this summer, oh salt waves, hot sun, and coktails how I miss you... Crop Top was a big trend and palmspring legging too. I found these both items at Bershka, pretty cheap by the way. Lot of love


Winter coats

MONDAY 13 OCTOBER, Fresh wind and cold air are coming ! As you might have noticed guys, I love wearing comfy clothes. That's why I particulary give importance to the coats. " Life is too short to wear boring clothes " we say, and pale tones are the new trend, so this pink coat is absolutely perfect. The second ( Acne Lookalike ) which I found on Ebay ( but only in black sadly ) looks warmer and biker. And the last one which is between the coat and the blazer has got this special grey and cut that I love. 

I also give you the link of Boutique Belgique where I think I will buy some pretty and not so cheap fur coats. And the link of a COS beige coat (to my mind without the belt is better) but out of stock. 

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Outfit fifty nine

SUNDAY,13 OCTOBER, as usual Saturdays I saw my lovely friend Axelle, we went to Meery Cake who has got now " Special of the day " , so we tried their lasagnes , so deliciouuus. Axelle and I had to say " Don't forget to go to Meery Cake ! " Then we shot our outfits by this autumn/winter wheather. I wanted this AmericanApparel knit for so long, and definitely adopted it. The beanie is from aa too, I was tired of seeing Carhartt everywhere even if I like them too. I must admit that I've got too many outfits with my Nike Af1 but here's another one !

COTR x Pimkie

WEDNESDAY 9 OCTOBER, Camille Charrière from Camille Over The Rainbow, just did a capsule collection for Pimkie. 
Very structured coats, pale top and oversized sweat. 15 minimalist and chic pieces that I definitely would buy ! They are now available on the e-shop , Lot of love

Currently obessed


I'm dreaming of these two AW/13 beauties from Zara and Acne 

Outfit fifty-eight

SUNDAY 6TH OCTOBER, you had already seen every single piece of this oufit but i hope you like it anyway. Let's focus on two details : yes I definitely bought a WHITE nailpolish, wich is an O.P.I and it lasts so long (i did it one week ago) ; then my hand is plenty of lipstick because i couldn't find the right one that i've been searching , they are all glitters and i hate it so. 

Hope you had a great week end lot of love 

Street style at PFW 14

TUESDAY,1st OCTOBER, I do like catwalks, but most of all I prefer street style because they are more inspiring to me and I'd like to share with you many many pics of my crush but it means too much pictures ! We can see, and feel here, that fashion is more than just trends, it's how people express who they are and how they see things by their clothes. Lot of love