Winter coats

MONDAY 13 OCTOBER, Fresh wind and cold air are coming ! As you might have noticed guys, I love wearing comfy clothes. That's why I particulary give importance to the coats. " Life is too short to wear boring clothes " we say, and pale tones are the new trend, so this pink coat is absolutely perfect. The second ( Acne Lookalike ) which I found on Ebay ( but only in black sadly ) looks warmer and biker. And the last one which is between the coat and the blazer has got this special grey and cut that I love. 

I also give you the link of Boutique Belgique where I think I will buy some pretty and not so cheap fur coats. And the link of a COS beige coat (to my mind without the belt is better) but out of stock. 

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  1. I have the second coat on my ebay watching list actually. :) it's so nice!!

    xx Vivi


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