Outfit thirty-seven

 SATURDAY 5TH DECEMBER, how amazing are these shoes. I've searched the Liquid Lime Nike Freen Run in my size for so long that I was desesperated. (You can't have these except in USA) But they are finally mine ! I never had lighter trainers than these. I mixed them with a very stric and classy coat from Mango. What do you think about it ? Lots of love. 

Shirt : H&M - Coat : Mango - Necklace : H&M - Bag : Céline - Jeans : School Rag - Shoes : Nike

8 commentaires:

  1. Perfect shoes perfect girl perfect outfit, what else ?

  2. I love when you wear fluorescents keys :D

  3. Love your eyes.. somuch dear<3


  4. Aaannh, tes chaussurees... Tu chausses du combien ? ;P Pour savoir si ça vaut le coup que je vienne te les piquer, avec tous les risques que ça engendre...Et puis pour le rappel du fluo aavec le collier, moi je dis bien joué ;)

    Bisous !

  5. Flawless skin!
    The pictures look cool, especially the 2nd. The last too! You should do more like that!


  6. Great post. You look great!

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