Whats up : Gold poudré

FRIDAY 28TH DECEMBER, for Spring Summer 13 I saw this beautiful trend about gold and pale pink. But I think we can mix these beautiful colors in winter too especially for the New Year. So i want to show you some of my favorite pieces. Lots of love. 

Journelle bra 

Paco Rabanne

Emilio Pucci


Parfum Rose d'Arabie d'Armani

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  1. Love the Rochas outfit, so romantic and sexy hahaha :)
    About your comment, I'm thinking about affiliate blogs but I'm not doing it yet... I don't know which blogs could appear and if it would be good for my blog... I'm thinking about it! But thanks for your preposition, I love your blog too :) If I decide something I'll notice you dear!

    And yes, I'm spanish!

  2. Supers inspirations, cette couleur est vraiment top ! :)

  3. Ces inspirations sont magnifiques :)


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