What's Up #2

Hi, sorry for the lack of news but i'm a little busy. I have friends who came to visiting me all the week, many events, my computer doesn't work and few operations so i'm tired. But i passed my exams and i had the honors so i'm excited about the next year. Bref, i show you some pictures of my new shirt from Zara. I think the most classy and relax clothe is a shirt and this one is just so nice. It's made with mulberry silk and it's so comfy to wear. I fell in love with colar details. 


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  1. La camicia è stupenda!!!

    Vuoi far conoscere a molti nuovi lettori il tuo blog e il tuo stile?

    Partecipa al foulard-CONTEST e sarai protagonista di un post di fashionismyroad.
    Qui tutti i dettagli:

  2. J'aime beaucoup ta petite chemise :)

  3. Les photo sont toute douces, j'aime beaucoup et la chemise est juste parfaite quoi !

  4. J'adhère totalement ! *-*

    Je voudrais que tu me dises tes avis sur mon blog s'ilteplait
    http://paulinetendances.blogspot.fr/ xoxo :)


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